Obeying the law of nature, the new Children's formula product


Every child is the hope of the family, every moment of their growing up is devoted to the care of parents. 0-16 years old is the golden age of children's height growth. The scientific height development management and balanced nutrition are particularly important. Nowadays, a growing number of mothers choose gogo&Le children formula as a nutritional supplement for baby's height and body development in the world.

To reassure parents, gogo&Le has long been committed to providing high quality food for children around the world, and let children explore naturally and freely in their growth. 0-16 years old is the critical period of children's height and physical development. The growth of bone and the increase of bone density are two important parameters to measure the height development of children. Scientific research found that hydrolyzed yolk powder is a development factor, which can increase the number of bone cells and promote the formation of bone and teeth, and activate the motive force of bone itself and promote the elongation of bone. Furthermore, it can also promote the calcium deposition of bone, strengthen the toughness of bone, inhibit the growth of osteoclasts, and maintain the balance of bone components. Therefore, hydrolyzed egg yolk powder is beneficial to the normal development of children's body and avoids short stature.

Milk source is the basis of milk powder, only better milk source can produce better milk powder. In the milk industry, the milk source collected from 45 ° north latitude is called golden milk, gogo&Le selects the high-quality milk source in 45 ° north latitude. To meet the taste of children's pursuit, gogo&Le employs the world's freshest raw milk as raw materials, keeps the mellow flavor of natural milk, and adopts scientific formula to lock the natural phospholipid and other beneficial nutrition in milk.

The study found 23% of the development of the body is determined by genetic factors and 31% by later nutritional factors. It is essential for children to have balanced nutrition absorption during infancy to childhood. gogo&Le knows the growth factors, immune factors and absorption factors are significant components of growth and development for the children. Now, gogo&Le that focuses on height and physical development for the world children is on the market in China.

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